The Lotus Awards

Cuture & Innovation Open for Entries


2018 Winners

Action Academy
adm Group
Ahimsa London
Big Issue
Boost Partnership
C&C Search
Child Experience Design
Chrysalis Consulting
cloud 9 people
Dangote Cement
Durham Police
Financial Times

The Concept

We operate as a Social Enterprise, recognising excellence and Inspiring a better society, economy & environment,

They are a unique concept that celebrates what makes your organisation unique.

We wanted to focus on recognising great organisations, regardless of sector, size, budget or country.

So, we ripped up the rule book, and created The Lotus Awards from scratch, essentially turning the traditional model of Awards on its head.

  • No limit on winners for each Award.

  • No Sponsors.

  • Every award is unique to the winner, as there are no categories. Meaning we are truly able to recognise all the fantastic companies out there.

  • If you are not successful you will be given feedback, from our expert judging panel.

  • The Lotus Awards are free to enter.

  • Winners are announced before the celebration, avoiding disappointment and costs. 

Why do we have no limit on winners?

If we look across organisations, sectors, and countries, there are significant differences. We tried to create a recognition platform that reflects and treats diversity fairly.

We have 4 awards:

  • Company Culture (Open for entries Jan 1st 2019)

  • Sustainability (Open for entries Jan 1st 2019)

  • Innovation (Closed)

How to enter:

We understand that every company is unique so your entry can take any form you like. Infographic, Video, text it is entirely up to you.

We want you to focus on the work you did in the past 12 months, but we understand that some projects take longer than a year so feel free to go back further.

Lotus Award entries will be judged on Strategy, Execution, Creativity and Originality.